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My new drawings


My new drawings

Hanne Grete Einarsen

They take form through the use of pencil and synthetic coal. The lines shape the landscape I see, on the outside of the large windows in my studio.
There is a stack of papers torn up in different sizes to be drawings of the theme: Breathe into the blue.

Breathe into the blue is the title of my new exhibition to be displayed in Alta Art Association in September 2016.

The term "Breathe into the blue" refers directly to the main part of the treatment patients with breast cancer at the heart side, gets.

You breathe in, and then your lungs help to protect the heart when you hold your breath, during the radiation treatment. One settles in the radiation machine and occupies beam position with arms outstretched over my head and puts on specially designed glasses. The glasses are connected via computer to a camera pointing inwards to the body from the feet. The camera will let you know when you have achieved the correct beam position. When breathing raises the breast itself and this is indicated in the glasses by a yellow color goes upward and into a blue field. "Breathe into the blue!" Says the nurse. When one is ready to receive the prescribed dose of radiation.

The associations of the expression is also something hovering and floating through space and time. It is often blue, Forward gives the expression a decisive result possible cure.

The symbol for hope is the color blue.