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Breath up in the blue


Breath up in the blue

Hanne Grete Einarsen


opening 30.juni.2016


The term refers directly to the main part, in the treatment of patients with breast cancer, at the heart site is getting. With the breath, its to help to protect both, the heart and then the patient. And breathing and holding during the radiation treatment.

For me, the treatment was successful.

The expression provides countless opportunities to philosophize and go into the matter of life and death. I peels away all this and focus on exactly that statement; Breathe into the blue.

My everyday with identity, the life of birds, or fox hunting for food at night, or reindeer that runs down to the shoreline by the arrival of spring, to ingest the salty rod. The sky that changes colors while I draw, and I take a deep breath and know the expressions take me.

I work around the association of expression and it can say something about a beautiful summer day, a break in a hectic workday or work, or to take on my jacket, or a pair of prescription glasses, seeing clearly or unclear.