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Hanne Grete Einarsen

So I'm working on the last of my three exhibitions, for now. This should appear in Alta Art Association, with opening, Saturday September 17th-October 9th As the two previous exhibitions, with the same theme, this exhibitione are specifically designed for the rooms in  Alta Art Association.

The theme is the same, but the art is new. My -Selfportrets- becomes a kind of timecalendar, describing an epoch in my life. They are made on paper in combination of several techniques of painting, drawing, printing and stencil.

Who am I now?


Hanne Grete Einarsen


opening 30.juni.2016


The term refers directly to the main part, in the treatment of patients with breast cancer, at the heart site is getting. With the breath, its to help to protect both, the heart and then the patient. And breathing and holding during the radiation treatment.

For me, the treatment was successful.

The expression provides countless opportunities to philosophize and go into the matter of life and death. I peels away all this and focus on exactly that statement; Breathe into the blue.

My everyday with identity, the life of birds, or fox hunting for food at night, or reindeer that runs down to the shoreline by the arrival of spring, to ingest the salty rod. The sky that changes colors while I draw, and I take a deep breath and know the expressions take me.

I work around the association of expression and it can say something about a beautiful summer day, a break in a hectic workday or work, or to take on my jacket, or a pair of prescription glasses, seeing clearly or unclear.


Hanne Grete Einarsen

I look around and see all of my work that I am working with. I have to decide the progress now.  My art occupy all my life and I start every day feeding the birds and watching their play and eating rituals. I've made several drawings, I draw, see, think, let it rest while I look at all my colorful canvases.

The stories will appear slowly and they know they will be exhibited in Maursund, Hammerfest and Alta, they are ready for it.

Will I be...

Outside there are dense of sleet, the reindeers has arrived so it should be spring now. Much of the snow is gone but it's more left. I yearn toward spring while I draw and take a deep breath into the blue while I am looking up to the white sky and add sunflower seeds to all the sparrows chased by the crow...

My new drawings

Hanne Grete Einarsen

They take form through the use of pencil and synthetic coal.

The lines shape the landscape I see on the outside of the big windows in my studio.
There is a stack of different papers torn up in different sizes to be drawings of the theme: Breathe into the blue.

Breathe into the blue is the title of my new exhibition to be displayed in Alta Art Association in September 2016.

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